Comments (0) Sunday Weekends

12am – 6am:         Coast-to-Coast AM
6am – 7:30am:     Better Lawn and Gardens with Tom McCubbin
7:30am – 8am:     The Lutheran Hour
8am – 8:30am:     Anchor Finanacial “Money Line”
8:30am – 9am:     First Church of Christ Scientist
9am – 10am:     The Jewish Sound
10am – 10:30am: Live Your Life Connected
10:30am – 11:30am: First Presbyterian Church (live church service)
11:30am – 12pm:   Paid Programming
12pm – 3pm:      Sean Hannity “Best Of”
 3pm – 5pm:     TRN – Everything That Matters
5pm – 7pm:     TRN – Brian Oxman
7pm – 8pm:     TRN – The Sam Sorbo Show
8am – 9pm:      TRN – The Ronnie McMullen Show
9am – 11pm:       TRN – Science Fantastic (Encore)
11am – 12am:     TRN – Bill Wattenburg

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